bank of everglades converted to lodgingThis is the short version of the beginning of the Everglades Bank, now the Everglades Historical Bed and Breakfast with Spa.

In the 1920s, wealthy industrialist Barron Collier swept into Southwest Florida buying up virtually everything in sight. An enterprising man, Collier had made a vast fortune in street car advertising. He determinedly dynamited his way across the state, forging the Tamiami Trail. Not an easy feat, considering malarial mosquito’s and man-eating alligators. In exchange for his effort, the state created Collier County, with Everglades City as the county seat.

To meet his considerable payroll, Collier started the Everglades Bank and printed his own money (at the turn of the century, the highest denomination printed was a $10 bill). You can see the original vault and adding machines proudly displayed!

Hurricane Donna flooded the town in 1960. Well, you can imagine all the folks that turned up to help hang soggy money on clotheslines to dry. Our wonderful little town of Everglades City doesn’t even have a traffic light, but boasts an abundance of fascinating history filled with unique characters who came seeking refuge and fortune.

Whether it’s our abundant fishing, kayaking, swamp-walking, or just plain relaxing in our spa, welcome! We hope you share our joy in our treasure, Everglades City!